about Berman
Brand Group


Berman Brand Group is a talented network of creative professionals with the drive to design, build, and grow forward-thinking brands.

If you need a skilled, thoughtful brand development partner, you need BBG.

Berman Brand Group is what is called a “decentralized” agency. This means our network team is not connected by an address or HMO, but the drive to produce the highest quality work we can. We activate various network members based on the needs of your brand. And if there is something a bit unique about your needs, odds are pretty good we know someone who can help.

This network approach keeps our budgets efficient, while providing the international-quality work our clients expect.

Joshua Berman has over 14 years of experience in design, branding and marketing. After working as everything from a project manager at a midsize digital agency, to art director at a boutique brand studio, to concepting brands at McCann Erickson, he decided to start his own agency.

Today, Josh leads a talented network of designers, writers, marketing professionals and production artists working with forward-thinking client partners. He is a hands-on team leader and network developer with great instincts about brand development, and enjoys working directly with clients to help identify and craft solutions to their business challenges. Every piece of work that comes out of Berman Brand Group is seen by him.

Satisfied Clients

Josh is a consummate professional, which is demonstrated in both his process and his work. He has an amazing ability to navigate the challenging waters of brand strategy, while faithfully guiding his clients through a deeper understanding of their core values, and how to best communicate those values through branding. Josh’s strategic process cuts through the morass and uncertainty of our client’s current brand strategies and replaces it with team cohesion, excitement, and confidence in the new direction.

It has been a pleasure to work with BBG and to see the results that he is able to produce with our clients.
— John Kelly, Partner at Craftpeak