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Our specialties are naming, brand development, and product design. If you need to change minds, generate value, or identify an audience, you need BBG.


Mind / Soul / Body

At the heart of what we do is brand strategy. Mind / Soul / Body is a metaphor we use in our signature brand strategy process. We work from the objective towards the subjective - clarifying our brand position and bridging the gap from goals to execution.

  1. Mind - the most objective goals, distilled to a single brand strategy statement. This language is internal-facing, and is used as a north star for the rest of our work together.

  2. Soul - we explore the context in which your brand will live. Brands don’t exist in a vacuum, and we want to understand our relationship to our greater context. We arrive at a living document of language: watch-words and phrases that guide our process and narrow our focus.

  3. Body - This is the outward-facing portion of our brand, the part everyone sees and hears and feels. Creative direction combined with verbal cues make up the guardrails of our brand identity.

After walking through these three steps, we collaborate with your team to apply this brand strategy and creative direction to your brand identity, marketing, technology, and any touchpoint.

  • Brand Discovery

  • Audience Analysis

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Big Ideas

  • Personas

  • Key Messaging

  • Creative Direction

  • Soul Concept

  • Brand Strategy Statement

  • Brand Guidelines



  • MIND / SOUL / BODY Brand Strategy

  • Marketing Objective Planning

  • Customer Targeting

  • Qualitative Competitor Analyisis

  • Market Research

  • Creative Strategy

  • Target Audience Personas

Brand Development

  • Naming

  • Messaging & Voice

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Tagline Development

  • Identity Systems

  • Environmental Signage

  • Print Collateral Design

  • Illustration

Sales & Marketing

  • Storefront Design

  • Catalogs / Look books

  • Pitch Deck Design

  • Analytics & Insights

  • Email Newsletters

  • Direct Mail

  • Copywriting

  • Sales Kits

  • Sell Sheets & Leave-Behinds

  • Trade Show Booths & Materials


Content Development

  • Content Generation Guidelines

  • Copywriting

  • Video Concept & Production

  • Content Creation

  • Product Photography

  • Brand Photography

  • Graphic Standards


  • UX / UI Design

  • Content Management Systems

  • Mobile UX / UI

  • iOS & Android

  • Websites

  • Video Presentations: Promotional & Sizzle Reels

  • Interactive and Online Newsletters

  • Online Animation

  • Support & Ongoing Maintenance

  • Analytics & Insights

Point-of-Sale / Retail

  • Concepts & Prototypes

  • Packaging & Shipping Design

  • Labels

  • Key Art

  • Signage

  • Custom Interior Art

  • Menus

  • POS display

  • Tags & Talkers



Traditionally considered one of the creative industry’s “dark arts,” naming is a specialty of the BBG team. We approach naming like a mix of information architecture, contextual research, and instinct. Like an identity, website, or package design, your naming conventions should be intuitive and memorable. It should be simple for customers to navigate to the brands they want. We’re here to help.


“We wanted additional naming options to consider from an experienced external expert, and BBG did a great job of providing strategic and thoughtful solutions.”

- Ben Hafele, Lean Innovation Manager

Below are just a few names our team has helped to develop.


Union Press & Paper

The Bloom Project



Hello IT


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