Chief Marketing Officer / Design Director
February 2013 - February 2015

As a co-founder with John Chipouras and Grant Warman, Joshua Berman developed every component of the TabSprint brand, from visual aesthetic to product design, advertising to iconography.

In late 2013 TabSprint ran a single-market experiment for ABInBev, testing the efficacy of the app in regards to customer influence. With straightforward information architecture principles (or invisible "nudges") we were able to influence customers to the tune of a 14% sales uplift across the market over the course of the experiment. The sales data were vetted by a third party.


  • Strategy

  • Product Design

  • Sales/Marketing Alignment

  • Branding

  • Content

  • Design

  • UX


  • Content Writing & Editing

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Logo

  • Signage

  • Merchandise

  • Wireframes

  • Mobile App Screens

  • Mobile App Animations

  • Website

  • Pitch Decks


ABINBev Pilot Program

Chapel Hill, North Carolina
November 2013 - December 2013

We ran a 2 month pilot program promoting ABInBev products over 20 different venues in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Most of the venues were very close to UNC, but November through December is traditionally a low traffic season for college bars (comparatively speaking) because of weather, finals, and students returning home for the holidays.

Although we were only in 20 venues, (and with only 3,000 users), we increased sales 14% sales across the entire market, including venues in which TabSprint was not active. APT, a third party, vetted all our data.

One of the critical elements of this program's success was the menu prioritization. We even created special categories of drinks just to feature ABInBev products. We call these "nudges," and they work.


On-Premise LED Test

We ran a brief pilot experiment in which key venues placed an LED "Pay Here With TabSprint" arrow sign, pointing to a section of the bar. Because TabSprint operates with mobile payment, independently of any Point-of-Sale system, this could be any section of the bar. 

We hypothesized the LED would address three issues simultaneously:

  1. Make a dedicated space at the bar which would allow one bartender to service mostly TabSprint customers (creating the rapid turnover effect desired)

  2. Inform current TabSprint users that this bar was a TabSprint payment bar

  3. Introduce new users to the app, drawing attention through the bold advertisement and "highway effect" created by the quick service.

Although we only ran it for a brief time, the one venue that placed the sign in a prominent, consistent location was our highest performing venue for repeat customers, and it wasn't even close.

Working with Josh has been a true pleasure. I can’t say enough about how much I have learned from him. His passions are clear and his positive attitude is contagious to everyone around him. Josh was an active member of the TabSprint team who not only brought incredible design talent to the table, but also incredible leadership skills.

His ability to lead projects, drive progress, and produce results match or exceed others at the top of the design industry. Josh worked very well in high pressure situations and maintained his contagious and passionate attitude throughout. Anyone who is lucky enough to work with Josh will get more than they bargain for in the best ways possible.
— John Chipouras, CEO